A brand new delicious initiative with Brandt & Levie from the successful chef Joris Bijdenidjk!

Joris Bijdendijk, the chef of the Rijk, who continued to work with his creative ideas during the pandemic, this time signed a new initiative for people in need of help.

Successful chef Bijdendijk together with Brandt & Levie, one of the most famous sausage producers in the Netherlands, created the canned pea soup called ‘Snert soup’ in the Netherlands. Bijdendijk and Brandt & Levie have pledged to give one can of soup for every purchase to the Amsterdam Food Bank. While 1000 can of soup were given to Amsterdam Food Bank in the first week, the next target was determined as 5000. “With every sale, we will give a can of Snert Soup to the Amsterdam Food Bank and hope that everyone will enjoy Snert this winter,” Joris said.

Together, they are not just making a soup but also have created a fashion collection around Snert Soup. On their website, you can buy a range of t-shirts and hoodies created in a sustainable manner using premium inks that are eco-friendly and a waterbed.