A true Russian classic: Café Pushkin

Café Pushkin, where you will feel like one of the Russian aristocracies from the moment you enter through its door, becomes one of Moscow’s most famous food destinations not only with its atmosphere but also with its tastes worthy of Russian tsars. Café Pushkin offers a real gastronomic experience to its guests with its menu that goes on for many pages and its vodka which is a true Russian classic.

Café Pushkin, located on Tveskoy Boulevard in Moscow, just near the Alexander Pushkin monument, seems to be a café due to its name, but it is actually considered to be one of the most elegant and expensive restaurants serving classical Russian cuisine in Moscow. The story of Café Pushkin, which has a unique touch to the flavour silhouette of Moscow with its quality, is quite interesting. In the 1950s, French tourists who came to Moscow after French singer Gilbert Bécaud mentioned Café Pushkin in his song ‘Nathalie’ constantly ask about this place that doesn’t really exist, Andrey Dellos opened, who inspired by this situation, Café Pushkin in a Baroque building in 1999 and signed it under a real brand.

Café Pushkin with its warming flavours in the cold of Moscow

Café Pushkin, which passes through a time tunnel as soon as you enter the building and makes the 19th century Tsarist Russia live, makes its guests feel like a royal family with its menu that goes on for pages such as breakfast varieties, salads, hot and cold starters, meat and fish dishes. In addition to the wine menu that accompanies its unique dishes, vodka, a true Russian classic, is one of Pushkin’s signature items.

The most special Russian dishes under one roof

Gathering the best dishes of Russian cuisine in a single menu, Pushkin manages to impress its guests not only with its taste but also with its presentation, such as Borscht soup, which is a classic; Pelmeni, a Russian flavour or Beef Stroganoff, served with pickles and baked potatoes. Pancake-thin Blini which is served with some dishes and red or black caviar are among Pushkin’s signature flavours. To end a real dining experience in the best way, it is necessary to try numerous desserts or drink the special teas of Café Pushkin.