A window to Jake Bickelhaupt’s world: 42 Grams

42 Grams, which met audiences in 2017, focuses on the story of Jake Bickelhaupt, a chef who became world-famous with his originality after stepping out of an illegal restaurant within 1 year.

After his illegal restaurant called Sous Rising, Jake Bickelhaupt convinced his wife, Alexa Welsh, to open a Michelin-caliber 42 Grams restaurant located under their apartment. We can say that this is the turning point of the story of Bickelhaupt, who achieved great success with the restaurant name emphasizing the symbolic weight of two souls. Focusing on Bickelhaupt, who closed the doors of 42 Grams by leaving with his wife after receiving 2 Michelin stars in 3 years, 42 Grams draws a sincere portrait of the perfectionist nature, ambition and hard work of the successful chef than why the restaurant was closed.