Alchemist voted no 2 in Europe on the OAD list

Less than a year after opening, Alchemist reaches number 2 in Europe and number 1 in Denmark on the respected OAD Europe Top 100 list, compiled by the dining survey Opinionated About Dining.

Each year Opinionated About Dining releases several comprehensive lists, covering Europe, Asia, Japan, and North America respectively. Out of 9 Danish restaurants on the Top 100 list for Europe, Alchemist ranks the highest at number 2, beaten only by restaurant Frantzén in Stockholm, Sweden. This is the highest ranking ever achieved on the list by a Danish restaurant.

“I am very proud and humbled that we have been able to rank so high on the OAD Top 100 already in our first year of opening. As these are very difficult times for the restaurant industry, lists like this mean a lot, especially when it comes to boosting the morale of our whole team and making us look forward even more to when can once again welcome guests from all over the world to Alchemist”, says Head Chef and co-owner Rasmus Munk.

What sets the OAD lists apart from other restaurant ranking systems is the large number of voters involved. Over 6,000 people participate in the reviewing, and a system has been created to determine the experience level of the voters. Each voter is assigned a weight that reflects the number of restaurants he/she has visited and those restaurants’ rank on the OAD list.

Rasmus Munk labels his style of cooking “Holistic Cuisine”, where gastronomy plays the central part but is enhanced by art, drama, music, sensory stimulation, and visual technology. An evening at Alchemist takes place in five different settings, with a planetarium dome at the heart of the restaurant.

Alchemist was named Best Restaurant in Denmark (White Guide) within only five months of opening and was awarded two stars from The Michelin Guide in February 2020. It has been sold out its entire first year, with over 10,000 people signing up for the waiting list.

“I am deeply grateful for all the recognition we have received this last year since it helps me access a greater audience. What keeps me going as a chef is the possibility to influence people – my ultimate goal is to change the world through gastronomy. At Alchemist we have the opportunity to transport our guests out of their ordinary world and into a dimension outside time and space. That’s a really good place to start a conversation”, says Rasmus Munk.