An initiative launches in Spain to protect the hospitality sector as a world heritage

Madrid, Spain - July 11, 2015: People relaxing at the al fresco tables of the pavement restaurant bars illuminated by warm lamp light in historic central Madrid, Spain's vibrant capital city.

Due to pandemics in Spain, the ‘My Heritage’ (Soy Patrimonio) initiative was launched at the national level to protect restaurants and bars that need more help than ever before.

Many businesses have faced the danger of a complete shutdown, with the difficulties experienced by the pandemic process of the hospitality industry, which defines and makes up its character in Spain.  My Heritage (Soy Patrimonio) initiative was launched through to protect restaurants and bars that need help most of these times as cultural heritage. The initiative, which states that restaurants and bars are an important part of Spain’s culture and history and the people of Spain should be united for this great cultural heritage, is supported by many important chefs, such as Diego Guerrero and people of Spain.