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Italy eats its last supper: “We will not have the strength to fight”

Restaurants and bars are closed after 18:00, according to the decision implemented in Italy yesterday after England and France.

Michelin-starred restaurant Dialogue bids farewell to Los Angeles gastronomic scene

Dialogue, a Michelin starred fine dining restaurant in Los Angeles, has been permanently closed after 3 years due to the pandemic.

A chef under the magnificent roof of Paris: François Perret

François Perret, who climbed his way to success step by step for 15 years before being elected the best pastry chef in...

Michelin-starred chef Sally Abé oversees the £ 2m renewal!

Sally Abé, the successful chef of London's only Michelin-starred pub, Harwood Arms, will oversee the nearly £ 2 million renovation of The...

2 Michelin star Hisa Franko faces a second quarantine

With the start of the pandemic, the successful chef Ana Ros, who went into quarantine with her team in 2 Michelin-starred Hisa...

The story of an oasis in the West Texas desert: Cooking in Marfa

A treasure trove of essays, recipes, and images exploring the people and food of Marfa and its premier restaurant, The Capri: Cooking...

Trump Says New York is a “ghost town” and restaurants are “dying”

In the third and final televised debate between USA President Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden, the President claimed that New York’s...

Big disclosure of the food supply chain: Rotten

"Rotten" goes to the very center of the food supply chain to reveal the unpleasant truths and to reveal the hidden forces...