Cheesecake is more colourful than ever with Whipped!

We can find varieties of cheesecake, which has been preferred quite often in recent years, in almost many places. However, Whipped London, where there are no limits, only creativity and taste are the rule, reinterprets the intense New York-style cheesecake, giving Londoners a cheesecake carnival. Whipped, which brings together its special cheesecakes with its customers in 3 different forms, is nominated to be the best cheesecake shop in London with its colourful presentations and cheerful containers.

Alice Churchill, who left her old job because she was unable to use her creativity, pursued her passion and trained with Michelin-starred chefs, offered Londoners a space beyond creativity: Whipped London. Whipped, which offers 5 different cheesecakes with 85 different decorations, has been the meeting point of dessert lovers in London since the day it opened with its colourful containers and entertaining presentations. At Whipped London, where the fun is not limited to just cream varieties, cheesecake meets its customers in 3 different forms: baked, whipped and frozen.

Create your own cheesecake

The pink weight interior design that welcomes you the moment you step into Whipped and the various decorations lined up next to each other is actually the harbinger of a delicious problem that sweet lovers will face: indecision. Whipped, which makes indecision perhaps to be fun with its many different varieties, stands out with its ability to serve cheesecake special to its customers by combining 5 different cream options with vegan options with 6 different bases, 8 different sauces and 85 different decorations. Customers who create their own cheesecakes themselves also have the chance to create the most special cheesecake for themselves by choosing their service in 3 different forms as baked, whipped or frozen.

Whipped, which first appeals to the eye with its service in a colourful ice cream cup or in the form of classic slices, also offers its customers the signature flavours carefully brought together by Churchill. The Kensington Princess with its salty cracker base, butter sauce and honey cream, or Choco-doodle-doo with its salty coconut crumb, malt cream and chocolate sauce are among the signature flavours of Whipped, giving its customers a unique experience.

It’s not just limited to cheesecake!

Whipped’s cookie and cupcake mix dessert comes to the aid of its customers when they want to take a little sweet break on the road. This hybrid dessert, which starts with crisp edges but soft cookie taste, ends with cheesecake cream and then a cream decoration depending on the selection. Dessert, which is a mixture of cookies, cheesecake and cupcakes, is perfect for customers who do not want to choose.