Chef José Andrés demands a “Food Czar” to be appointed

Founder of the World Central Kitchen and renowned chef José Andrés urges Biden government to appoint a “Food Czar” to the National Security Council as a solution to the growing hunger problem of 2020.

Michelin-starred chef José Andrés, who has been fighting hunger in America and all around the world since he founded the World Central Kitchen in 2010, frequently highlights the growing hunger problem due to the pandemic. “Just as we reimagined our national defenses after 9/11, we need to reimagine our health defense to include food” says Andrés.

Stating that almost the whole world is on the verge of a serious hunger crisis, chef José Andrés argues that the Biden government should appoint a “Food Czar” or a “Secretary of Food” to the National Security Council. Underlining the fact that this person should be in the NSC not the Department of Agriculture to update the security protocols in the context of food, “We need to understand one thing: that food is more than the USDA. Food is more than just all of the mechanics of a smart agricultural system. Food is immigration. Food is health. Food is national security. Food is job creation. Food is economic growth” says José Andrés.