João Rodrıgues

João Rodrigues, who abandoned his dream of becoming a marine biologist, and turned to culinary arts and started his career by studying cookery and pastry in Lisbon, received the title of Best Cooking Student, signaling how assertive he is in this field. Working with star names such as Fausto Airoldi, Stephane Hestin, and Sebastien Grospelier; Rodrigues was named Chef of the Year in 2007 after the restoration work he carried out at the Lisbon Casino. After his career at Altis Belém Hotel & Spa in 2009, he joined the team of Feitoria Restaurant and his contributions to the restaurant’s cuisine earned Feitoria its first Michelin star in 2011. João Rodrigues, who was awarded the Chef de L’Avenir (Chef of the Future) award by the International Gastronomy Academy in 2015, reflects his distinguished style to the kitchens he is in.