Josean Alija

Josean Alija, chef of the Nerua Restaurant which is ranked 55th in “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants’’ in 2016, dreamed to be a chef since he was a child. He tells how he decided to become a chef, in the same excitement like in the first day: “When I was 14, my father asked me in which field I wanted to geat education. And I said, I want to be a chef confidently without thinking twice. He asked me why and my answer was simple: “In my opinion, chef is a magician who makes people happy by transforming products into food.” Nerua is a restaurant which combines Basque culture with knowledge and experiences gained from the past. The restaurant changes the menu 3 times in a year and it supplies products from close areas. Alija explains why they change menu consistently as, “Each season has a unique character and accordingly outstanding food. Therefore, we use seasonal product and we can create seasonal meal.

Alija especially cares about using local products and believes that local products shape avant-garde cuisine’s future. At the same time Alija gives a cue about new book progress. Alija expresses that he likes Turkish cuisine and Turkey is a memorable gastronomy destination for him especially for the deserts.

Restaurant : Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao
Country: Spain