Sergi Arola

Chamberi / Spain

Regarded as one of most creative minds in Spanish haute cuisine, Sergi Arola was born in Barcelona and has made Madrid his gastronomic home. In 1985, he enlisted in the recently-opened Hospitality and Restaurant School in Barcelona where he simultaneously studied alongside pursuing his passion for music. During his last year at school, Sergi started work at L’Aram restaurant where he discovered creative cuisine. e was then handpicked by Ferran to work at el Bulli as his Chef de Partie on the meat section, as well as assisting him in his creative studio. It was during this time that Sergi won the Vitoria signature cuisine contest becoming the first non-Basque to win the competition. In 1997, Sergi was given the opportunity to open his own restaurant in Madrid, a city that instantly welcomed his style of cuisine. Soon afterwards, in December 1998, a first and humble version of his restaurant “La Broche” was awarded its first Michelin star. Three years later, in February 2000, Sergi moved into the Hotel Occidental Miguel Ángel, naming the restaurant “La Broche. Sergi Arola”. Sergi and Sara Fort, his wife and restaurant manager, were awarded their second Michelin star for La Broche in December 2000 and in 2003, Sergi received the national gastronomic award as chef of the year. February 2008 saw Sergi finally leaving La Broche to open a new flagship restaurant in Madrid, Sergi Arola Gastro, where he was again awarded with two Michelin stars after just a few months. There are now a number of Arola restaurants around the world, including Sao Paolo, Istambul, Verbier, Mombassa, Barcelona, Ibiza…

Restaurant : Chamberi
Country: Spain