David Kinch withdraws James Beard Award nomination

World-famous chef David Kinch announced his withdrawal from the 2020 James Beard Awards ‘Outstanding Chef’ nomination with his personal decision in a post he shared on his Instagram account.

Kinch, the chef of 3 Michelin starred Manresa, said that in the midst of the global pandemic it didn’t feel correct to be celebrating achievements when the industry was facing devastation. Successful chef, in addition to his withdrawal, said that restaurants experienced the ‘Gilded Age’ before the pandemic, but the damage to the industry could be irreversible without united action, “We have been pretending that we could continue to support our employees, front and back-of-house, maintain a level of service, equality, and innovation while welcoming our guests each day – knowing in our hearts that it could never be.”

“THIS IS OUR RESET BUTTON,” said the chef, signalling that changes need to be made in the restaurant industry, saying: “The hospitality industry is rife with rampant gender and racial inequality, and numerous obstacles impede restauranteurs ability to pay living wages to their teams, focus on sustainability, and foster positive work environments.”