Health workers have received support from Ireland’s Michelin-starred restaurants

Jordan Bailey, the head chef of 2 Michelin-starred Aimsir in Ireland and Mickael Viljanen, the head chef of the 2 Michelin-starred Greenhouse in Ireland, are on food support at the hospital during the coronavirus crisis.

Jordan Bailey, the head chef of the 2 Michelin-starred Aimsir in Ireland, which is closed due to coronavirus, provided food support to the hospital in the region at the weekend. Jordan Bailey sent healthy meals to Naas General Hospital in the area over the weekend with vegetables he collected from the kitchen’s gardens. Successful chef Bailey said: “We have all these vegetables coming through at the property, and we don’t want any of it to go to waste. We did just over 100 meals. We don’t even do that in a week normally.”

Mickael Viljanen, the head chef at 2 Michelin-starred restaurant Greenhouse, has started sending between 200 and 400 meals daily to health workers from 14 April. “Our thought was for somebody who puts in a 15-hour day, they can go into the fridge, grab a meal, bring it home if they want to, and they won’t have to be cooking. It just takes the pressure off people” said successful chef Viljanen.