Japan prepares to subsidise half of tourists’ travel expenses with $18 billion plan

The government has initiated a new campaign under a bold tourism strategy to draw visitors back to Japan, which will help cover travel costs for tourists visiting.

Hiroshi Tabata, the director of the Japan Tourism Agency, said the $18.2 billion program aims to attract tourists by promising to subsidize half their travel expenses, according to The Japan Times. Although little information has been revealed about the plan, the government says it could be in place as early as July despite travel bans to Japan still in effect. The announcement follows Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe’s lifting of Tokyo’s state of emergency and four other areas where it was still in place. PM Abe said the lifting of the state of emergency did not mean that the pandemic was over, but it was in reaction to the progress of the country in battling the coronavirus. The 126 million-strong nation has had only 16,433 infections and 784 deaths to date.