Look at the food industry from this perspective: Technically Food

Technically Food, which deals with the efforts of Silicon Valley to transition to a technology-oriented food system, asks al he questions that should be asked in this field. If you are worried about the content of the vegetables and fruits in the meat we eat and the ‘technical’ interventions they contain, this book is for you. In the past, vegetarian burgers could never reach the taste of a real hamburger, but today, food companies such as Beyond Meat, Impossible Food and Eat Just offer these products to our kitchens in a much more interesting way. With the help of scientists working in futuristic laboratories, it is now possible to produce cow-free milk and chicken-free eggs. Technically Food is a comprehensive research on how high technology replaces real food.

Investigative reporter Larissa Zimberoff focuses on the origins of these mysterious foods. Over-processed and secretly produced foods are often backed by investors. The fact that many of these products are plant-based helps address social issues such as climate change, animal rights, and the planet’s dwindling natural resources. So, are these products good for our personal health? As you take a look at the rapidly changing food industry at Technically Food, you’ll realize how little we know about the food we eat.