Michelin Guide Great Britain and Ireland gave out its 2021 stars!

One of Michelin’s most anticipated guides, Great Britain and Ireland, announced its 2021 stars with a live event that was broadcasted on digital platforms. The guide awarded 2 new restaurants with three Michelin stars while 3 new restaurants were given two. 17 restaurants got their first Michelin stars, and 23 restaurants were awarded with the green star due to their works for a sustainable kitchen.

The 2021 edition’s three Michelin star recipients were Hélène Darroze and Clare Smyth. Saul McConnell was awarded with a Welcome and Service Award while Sommelier Award went to Karine Canavet. Kray Treadwell was chosen for The Young Chef Award and The Mentor Chef Award was given to Ross Lewis.

Here are the Michelin Guide Great Britain and Ireland 2021’s newest stars:

Three Michelin Stars:

Hélène Darroze at The Connaught, London

Core by Clare Smyth, London

Two Michelin Stars:

A. Wong, London

Da Terra, London

Story, London

One Michelin Star:

Osip, Bruton

Shaun Rankin at Grantley Hall, Ripon

Dede, Baltimore

Muse by Tom Aikens, Belgravia

Latymer at Pennyhill Park, Bagshot

Hide & Fox, Saltwood

Behind, London

Cail Bruich, Glasgow

Roots, York

Hjem, Northumberland

Cornerstone, London

Davies & Brook, London

Outlaw’s New Road, Port Isaac

Benares, London

Casa Fofo, London

Pea Porridge, Bury St. Edmonds

SOLA, London