Michelin-starred restaurant Dialogue bids farewell to Los Angeles gastronomic scene

Dialogue, a Michelin starred fine dining restaurant in Los Angeles, has been permanently closed after 3 years due to the pandemic.

Dave Beran, the owner of the Michelin-starred Dialogue, which opened in Santa Monica, Los Angeles in September 2017 with a capacity of 18 people, said that it was impossible for an 18-person restaurant to simply survive during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Beran and his partners, who recently expanded their network with the highly praised French brasserie Pasjoli, had to rethink the business models of both restaurants as a result of the epidemic. Tidbits setup, which carries Pasjoli to the al fresco and restructures Dialogue as a snack wine bar on the balcony, ends on November 7 due to the ongoing difficult process.

According to a statement from Dialogue representatives to Eater, Beran and his partners are actively seeking new areas, both temporarily and permanently. But it was not announced where or when this new start would take place.