Respected by Gaggenau Initiative Begins!

Luxury home appliances manufacturer Gaggenau’ new initiative Respected by Gaggenau was announced last year. The inititive aims to support makers, artists and craftsmen who produce high quality products with traditional methods.

Respected by Gaggenau will find artisans from all over the world in culinary arts, viniculture and design categories and will crown one from each category with the title “Respected by Gaggenau”. The winner will be determined by industry professionals of the same categories.

Curators from the culinary arts category include world-renowned chefs such as Andoni Luis Aduriz, Christian Jürgens, Luigi Taglienti, Santiago Lastra and Tohru Nakamura.

“At Gaggenau, creating an exceptional product is at the heart of everything we do, which is why supporting artisans, from those who strive to create high quality produce to those who rear rare and endangered breeds, is completely aligned to our brand. With the help of our highly skilled team of curators, I look forward to developing the ‘Respected by Gaggenau’ initiative and supporting our chosen artisans” says Managing Director, Peter Goetz.

Respected by Gaggenau title holders will receive a branding package of videography and photography support as well as the opportunity to become the 2021 Gaggenau Global Brand Partner.