Antonio Carluccio

Antonio Carluccio is known as the godfather of Italian gastronomy and has a chain of more than 100 restaurants named Carluccio’s, give service in all over the world. He was born in town of Vieatri Sul’s Mare, Italy. Carluccio was interested in culinary since he was a child when he discovered his passion for food in the mushrooms hunting sessions in the forests with his father and father’s friends. He moved to London in 1975 and opened his first restaurant named Carlucio’s in 1997. Being the author of many cook boks, today he is improving menus with Carluccio’s team, training chefs and working on the new projects. One of the most important representative of traditional Italian cuisine Antonio Carluccio, will share his story at Gastromasa starting with the effect of borning in southern Italy and growing up in the northwest, and how hunting mushrooms with his father made him one of the most important chefs in the world.

Restaurant : Carluccio’s
Country: Italy