Turkey’s source of pride in Michelin Guide: Successful chef Ahmet Dede received a Michelin star!

Michelin Guide announced the newest stars of Great Britain and Ireland with a ceremony held this afternoon. Turkish chef Ahmet Dede became one of the Michelin star receivers and with his restaurant he founded in Baltimore, Ireland, which has a Turkish concept, and became a source of pride for the country. The successful chef now became a Turk who has received a Michelin star with his own restaurant and took his rightful place in the history of gastronomy.

“As a Turkish chef, I’ve been living in Baltimore, a small fisherman’s village in West Ireland, for 4 years. In my first 3 years, I worked as a head chef for another restaurant and received a Michelin star in 2018. The restaurant closed down in 2019. Last year, I opened my own and I have been offering my services with a Turkish concept, unlike any others I’ve done. Then I heard the great news after a very hard year, Michelin gave me and my restaurant a star. This is a very important accomplishment for my country, for Ireland and for my family. I’m even prouder that it is for a Turkish concept” said successful chef Ahmet Dede during his talk with FoodinLife.

We congratulate Ahmet Dede as FoodinLife Gastronomy Publications and Sözen Organization and wish him all the best for the future.