World-famous pastry chef Oriol Balaguer: “Flavors should awaken the senses”

Perfectionism is the focus of world-famous pastry chef Oriol Balaguer’s kitchen. Balaguer, who was inspired by his father’s artistic chocolate creations and proved himself in a short time, was selected as the best pastry chef in the world when he was only 21 years old.

Spanish chef Oriol Balaguer gets the opportunity to improve himself in his profession by working in distinguished places with a reputation for pastry. Balaguer, who had the opportunity to work alongside the world-famous chef and culinary genius Ferran Adrià, is today shown as “one of the best professionals in the world.”

“We offer a menu of artisan desserts”

Oriol Balaguer’s creations represent the common life between pastry and cuisine. Expressing that dessert is the product of contrasting textures in gastronomy and a great visual effect combining knowledge and experience, the successful chef states that his restaurants are places that meet the philosophy and knowledge. Expressing that they make sweets, cakes and pastries in their boutique shops in Barcelona and Madrid, he said, “Our shops here are a special dessert cuisine based on new techniques. In addition to Ortega y Gasset in Madrid, I have been running La Duquesita, one of the city’s centuries-old and emblematic patisseries since 2015. And we offer a menu consisting of artisan desserts that evolve day by day.”

“I am passionate about what I do”

 Underlining that the secret of Balaguer’s success is excitement, “I was born as a pastry chef and I am passionate about what I do, I have been doing this for over 25 years. I always remember the image of my father in his workshop while making my cakes and pastries and try to imitate him.” The experienced name, who defines himself as a moving and risk-taking person, always uses his motivation to move forward. Inspired by the surrounding elements every time he thinks about new ideas, Oriol Balaguer does this by travelling the city, visiting a street market or a collection at an exhibition.

“Flavors should awaken the senses”

For Oriol Balaguer, the priority in their products is chocolate. Expressing that he also loves vanilla and hazelnuts, the successful chef adds oil and salt to their flavors. Saying that in the pastry world, there has been a tendency towards less fat and sugar in recent years, a dessert should excite people for Balaguer. For this reason, he says that their flavors contain crispy and fatty elements, with touches of acidic and salty, and that his goal is to make people react to each bite. “Flavors should awaken the senses,” says the world-renowned chef, “While enjoying the taste, you should be attentive and dessert should motivate you.”

“We must protect Spanish gastronomy”

“We must preserve Spanish gastronomy,” Balaguer says: “Thanks to Martin Berasategui, Ferran Adrià, Juan Mari Arzak, Andoni Luis Aduriz or Pedro Subijana and our other chef friends, a strong gastronomic foundation was laid. Always; I can say that we communicate, transfer our products and increase the value of our land. Thanks to the passion and determination of the leading older generation and the current generation, our gastronomy has been written in big letters in the world gastronomy. For me, gastronomy is passion and nothing happens without passion. As for desserts, we have seen an improvement in creativity in recent years. Of course, there is a long way to go.”

“We are meeting our guests with new creations in Breakery”

Oriol Balaguer, who has written his name in the world of pastry and chocolate making in gold letters, states that he always loves struggles and that he always motivates him, and that the struggle always gives him a feeling of happiness and adrenaline. Balaguer, who gives the good news that he has opened a new place called ‘Breakery’ in Hotel Only You Atocha in the center of Madrid, concludes his words as follows: “We meet our guests with new creations, coffee and lunch every season at Breakery. Our ‘Breakery’ brand will develop and grow as part of DNA. At Breakery, we strive to offer our visitors both our classic products and new products emerging from our imagination.”